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Refreshing Your Home: How to Style Your Bookcases

w/ Jennifer Taylor

Styling your bookcases can be such a challenge! Watch as I accessorize the shelf unit in my family room with books, photos and some special treasures and then share a few tips and tricks to use in your own home.

Quick Tips for Making Your Bookcases Look Beautiful:


Consider stacking books from left to right (tallest shortest) on one shelf, and then right to left (tallest to shortest) on the next shelf. If you’d like to place a row of books in the center of a shelf, try placing the tallest book in the center and then descending in height on either side. 

If you stack all of your books perfectly upright, they could look too formal and stiff. Try leaning one or two of them just slightly to give them a more natural look.

You can get creative with your bookends by using items on either side of your books that are heavy enough to keep the books from falling.

Always remove book jackets. The spines underneath tend to be cleaner and less busy.


Select just one or two colors to incorporate into your bookshelf that pull from the rest of the decor in your room.

Picture Frames

Less is more! Think roughly one frame per shelf.


Personalize your bookcase by adding an interesting memento or two to a few of the shelves. These make for great conversation pieces.

You can view the rest of the videos in this series by visiting Jennifer Taylor Design on YouTube.