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How-To Guide

You don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment to create a quality video. Just follow these simple steps. 

Pick a topic

If you’re with a business, think about your target audience. What information or expertise can you share that might be helpful to them? If you’re an individual, do you have a certain skill that most others don’t? Do you have life experience that others lack?

Keep your topic focused so that you can cover it as briefly and as concisely as possible – preferably in 3 to 5 minutes or less. For example, rather than shooting a video on “How to use the iMovie app on your phone,” try narrowing it to “How to make all clips the same length in the iMovie app.” Multiple videos can be submitted as part of a teaching series within the same topic area.

Videos longer than 15 minutes will not be posted.  

Prepare a script, and think it through

Outline your talking points and determine the visuals you’ll need. Next, think about where you will shoot your video. Will everything in the video happen in a single take at a single location? Or will you incorporate various shots at different locations and then edit them together? Will you use a cell phone and tripod (or a friend with a steady hand)? Or will you record from your laptop? 

Practice and adjust

Run through your script at least once or twice and time it. Get comfortable talking through your ideas as though you’re having a conversation with someone in the room, and don’t fret if you stumble. You can smooth out the edges later. Consider asking a family member for feedback, and make adjustments as necessary.

Set the stage

Find the spot that you want to film and consider what will appear within frame. If there are dirty clothes or other messy items in the background, either move them out of frame or pick a different spot (unless the mess is part of the instruction!).

If possible, get up close to the subject matter to give the audience a chance to see what you’re doing on camera. For example, if you’re shooting a video about how to cut hair, rather than sitting at a table and talking to the camera, have someone hold the camera as you talk through a demonstration so that the viewer can see what you’re doing.

Check to see if you have enough light for the scene, but don’t stand or sit directly in front of a bright window since that will keep you in shadow when the camera auto-exposes for the bright background. If the spot you chose isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try something else to make improvements. A little trial-and-error goes a long way.

Shoot a test clip

There’s a decent chance that your first go at this will have a few flaws. Start by shooting a quick test clip that’s just 30 seconds to a minute long to be sure the lighting is good, that you can be easily heard over background noise and that you like the way you look before committing to the finished effort. 

Be sure to shoot the video horizontally if you’re using your cell phone. 

Shoot your video and play it back

Once you shoot your video, watch it from start to finish to be sure the shot(s) are properly framed, the audio is actually audible, and there is little or no background noise. Edit your video if necessary using a simple app like iMovie on your laptop or even directly on your phone. Most commonly used video formats will be accepted. 

Upload your video to WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Once you’re happy with your video, upload it to a file-sharing platform such as WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive. If using Dropbox or Google Drive, please make sure the link to your file is publicly accessible. You will share this link with us when you send us your video.

Send us your video

To submit your video, you’ll need to create an account with us. After creating your account and completing your profile, simply go to the “Upload Video” page and complete the submission form. That’s it! We’ll notify you once your video has been posted – usually within two to four business days.